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Hellfire Kimono Hellfire Kimono
Hellfire Kimono
Regular price $60.00 USD
Long Mesh Sarong Long Mesh Sarong
Long Mesh Sarong
Regular price $35.00 USD
  • +16
Short Mesh Sarong Short Mesh Sarong
Short Mesh Sarong
Regular price $30.00 USD
  • +12
Sunburst Kimono Sunburst Kimono
Sunburst Kimono
Regular price $80.00 USD
Fringe Sarong Fringe Sarong
Fringe Sarong
Regular price $66.00 USD
  • +1
Fringe Kaftan
Fringe Kaftan
Regular price $165.00 USD


We are Golden. Every time you chose a Stardust Swimsuit, festival fit or beach look, you are investing in a fully sustainable small business run by a woman (hi, it's me). Each piece I make (when we say handmade, we really mean it!) is thoroughly scrutinized for even the smallest detail. Quality, fit, sustainability and inclusion are what matter most to me! I believe that my focus on custom work through my career has uniquely qualified me to tailor the best fitting suit you've ever put on your body. I will take every (literal) inch to create something that you are excited to wear. Thank you for choosing Stardust.